Mushroom Identification

Colorado Mushroom Identification These mushrooms were all found in El Paso County under pine trees after a very wet period in September. I am attempting to identify them now and any help from any of our readers would be a great help! If you think you know what these are please let me know in … Read more

How to Tie a Palomar Knot

This image shows the sequence of hot to tie a palomar knot.

Loop roughly 6 inches of line together to form a big loop Thread the loop through the hole you want to tie a palomar knot on Tie an overhand knot with your doubled line without cinching it tight put your hook/lure through the loop that you make pull tight and trim leftover line Pros of … Read more

How to catch freshwater drum

Picture of a the type of drum you can expect to catch in Canada once you learn how to catch freshwater drum!!

Many people never learn how to catch freshwater drum. Likely because they grew up hearing about the fight of big bass or the amazing taste of the walleye. The truth is many anglers who catch freshwater drum think it fights harder than large-mouth or spotted bass and taste better than a walleye. I personally think … Read more

Pros and Cons of Mirrored Sunglasses

Picture of a mirrored pair of sunglasses

Pros of Mirrored Sunglasses Reflects 10-65 percent of light instead of traditional sunglasses that absorb the light. Can be had in almost any lens color you can imagine creating some really unique lenses. Can also have other coatings including Polarized lens to create the ultimate pair of sunglasses Many different types of lens are available … Read more

How many crabs in a bushel

A picture of a bushel of crabs filled to the top

When determining how many crabs fit in a bushel there are a few things you need to consider. If you are wondering for catch limits some states require you have an “official bushel” that can have the lid closed without any gaps. It almost goes without saying that the larger the crab is the less … Read more

How to keep shad alive

This is a picture of a gizzard shad which is a common bait fish people try hard to keep alive

The first thing you need to do to keep shad alive is to keep sunscreen out of your bait tank! have a separate container to put your shad in before they are dumped in your bait tank! Condition Your Water!!!!! Have a proper bait tank with plenty aeration Get a can of oxygen to turn … Read more

Medical Evacuation Insurance

Regardless of whether you are traveling abroad for business, or commuting to work in your own hometown, the possibility of a medical emergency is ever-present.  These unforeseen life-events can not only be frightening and traumatic, but financially crippling as well.  In order to protect themselves financially from the expenses of such events, many people purchase … Read more

What does Elk Taste like?

Elk that is cooked right is considered by most people to be the best tasting large game animal of North America. It is very lean and healthy. According to Dr.Axe elk meat contains half the calories but also contains more protein and is jam packed with important nutrients and minerals making it one of the … Read more