What does Elk Taste like?

Elk that is cooked right is considered by most people to be the best tasting large game animal of North America. It is very lean and healthy.

According to Dr.Axe elk meat contains half the calories but also contains more protein and is jam packed with important nutrients and minerals making it one of the best beef substitutes on the planet.

Some people believe it taste like a mix between Bison and Beef but that does not really do its taste justice.

Elk is easy to over cook and some people save it for too long which will cause a meat that is known for its great lean taste to turn rancid tasting. If your first bite of elk meat does not taste great do not take another bite.

I think a grilled elk steak is the best way to eat this yummy meat. I prefer mine lightly seasoned with sea salt and black pepper to bring out some of the natural flavors in this great steak.

If you are making elk burgers be aware that these burgers will cook faster than a beef burger and will be quite a bit dryer if you don’t add another fat.

Beef tallow is often used in commercial kitchens for this but I prefer a bit of bacon grease left over from when I bake bacon for my family.

It is best to mix in your prefered fat before you put the elk burger on the grill for optimal taste. Just mash the fat into the elk burger patties with your hands and get ready to taste magic!

If you are set on figuring out what elk taste like and want to keep it lean I really recommend a juicy elk steak recipe.

While I prefer to keep mine simple there is a great recipe over at the spruce eats that looks like it would make an elk taste good and with a total time of under 30 minutes you can be enjoying your healthy elk steak in no time. This recipe should prove that elk taste is better than all other game when prepared well.

I have had a few people tell me that Elk is not worth eating because of the terrible taste. If you are eating old meat or something that was prepared badly there is no way to save the taste. If elk is fresh and prepared well though it is hard to find a better tasting meat anywhere in the large game category.

Dont take my word for it though. These guys know whats up.

Experiment by wolves to see what elk meat taste like.

I have recently had a few people reach out and tell me that axis deer meat might actually be the best wild game out there but I have not tried any in about 20 years and I was too young then to know what good meat taste like and dont really remember one way or the other. I will update back when I taste some axis.

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