How to use a fish stringer

Learning how to use a fish stringer is a great way to keep your catch alive all day. Don’t put your stringer through the gills!!! I have done this wrong my whole life before I started doing research for this article. I have also seen a lot of other fishers doing it wrong and I plan on educating a lot of people on this now.

Put your stringer through the fishes lower lip not through the gills!

If you want to learn how to use a fish stringer this is the most important thing you need to get. When you put the stringer the the gills it makes it difficult for your catch to breathe. It also causes them to swim off kiltered which causes a lot of additional stress.

If you are fishing in cold water the fish might survive either way but if your fishing in hot water the additional stress will likely kill your catch. There is nothing worse than pulling up a fish stringer full of dead fish on it.

How to make your own fish stringer with household objects.

Many anglers prefer a simple nylon stringer to stainless steel clip variety and if you have a nylon rope and an ice pick you have everything you need to make a great stringer without having to go to the store.

Just use the ice pick to make a small hole in the lower lip of your fish and then run your nylon through the hole. Tie the fish off at the appropriate spot on the stringer and repeat as many times as necessary or until you catch your limit!

Types of fish stringers available for purchase

Nylon Rope fish stringer

most of these come with a simple metal ring to attach your stringer to something with The stringer shown is the berkley 15 foot variety but this really describes a huge category of cheap effective stringers. Remember the important thing here is to not go through the gills like everyone seems to mention first. Put the “needle” as they call it through the lower lip. This allows your fish to swim up right and does not interfere with his breathing while he is on the stringer.

With this type of stringer you will want to slide your fish down to its desired end spot and tie a knot in your string to keep the fish in its proper place on your stringer.

Parachute Cord (P-Cord) fish stringer!

These are newer on the market but now we are talking! Very similar to the above nylon fish stringer but made with the all versatile P cord!

The one pictured is the one made by paracord planet.

These stringers have obvious strength and utility advantages but be aware that the component pieces leave a little to be desired. They easily rust and are not of the highest quality but they are still a great buy if you are looking for a pre made p cord stringer.

Stainless steel snap stringer

For anglers that need or prefer to use the stainless steel snap variety this stringer is a great way to get both types of stringers in one! Some of the cheaper options use snaps that are not stainless steel but these are cheap enough that is not an area you want to cut cost further. The one pictured is the Hurricane stringer with 10 stainless steel clamps but there are a lot of other good stainless steel snap style stringers out there as well

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