Walleye Size Charts

Having a good walleye size chart memorized or printed out and in a waterproof bag is a great idea! If you are a an organized Walleye fisherman you might even consider laminating your favorite walleye size chart to make sure it stays dry and in your tackle box for years to come.

Simple Walleye Size Chart. You put in Length and get weight

This is a walleye size chart that will give you the estimated weight based on the length of your walleye.

This size to weight chart was found over at https://targetwalleye.com/whats-the-best-walleye-length-to-weight-formula/ . There are some good formulas here to estimate the size of your walleye based on if they are big head and skinny, Normal, or fat with a seemingly small head.

Walleye Size Chart based on Age

this is a walleye size chart that will give you the length when you input the age and has walleye size data from various lakes

With all of that lab like precision this chart clearly comes from The Scientific Fisherman. There is a lot of other good science based information here for my nerdier readers.

The different data from different lakes is really informative to how a walleyes environment will affect its growth. This highlights how readers may find each chart more or less useful depending on where they are at in the world. Please let us know how these charts stack up to where you are fishing .

Walleye inches to millimeters conversion chart.

This is a Walleye size chart to show you how to convert your walleye measurement from millimeters or metric into inches That measurement will be used to find your age estimate in the next graph.

This is a great chart for converting millimeters or centimeters (if you divide by 10) into inches. It was created in 2006 for use in ontario and was found at Wrights Camp Blog.

Walleye size chart based on age and length for 2006 in Ontario.

Walleye size chart showing the length in inches and age and showing how some years their average length actually dropped due to conditions at the lake. This was for fall of 2006

This was used in conjunction with the previous walleye chart over at Wrights Camp Blog. It is fascinating to see the large dips that can happen when these populations have stressful years in their lives. It is also clear that to identify age by length alone is not really possible to a high degree and all of these charts are more of an estimate.

Walleye size chart growth rate and age Minnesota and South Dakota

Walleye size chart showing the growth rate and age determination. It also has a very cool graphic of how they age walleye which is similar to how they age trees and the rings look similar to the rings that age a tree.

This Walleye growth rate & age determination graphic comes from the world of walleyes over at in-fisherman.com

This walleye growth rate and age chart is specific to the size you would expect to find walleye in Minnesota and South Dakota. It gives a close up of what they actually see and count in labs when they study this data.

This chart only goes to 7 years of age with the longest fist recorded coming in at 24 inches so if you plan on catching some monsters you will want to find a size chart that shows some of the big boys 🙂

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