Mushroom Identification

Colorado Mushroom Identification

These mushrooms were all found in El Paso County under pine trees after a very wet period in September. I am attempting to identify them now and any help from any of our readers would be a great help! If you think you know what these are please let me know in the comment section below.

Russula Or Amanita ?

Over at one of the Reddit threads someone suggested this was a Russula of some type but a local in the area thought it was of the Amanita variety. I am still doing research but I am leaning towards this being an amanita of some type since so many of them look so similar. I may never know but please comment below if you any idea.

A picture of a mushroom found in a pine forrest in el paso county colorado. It has a red top and resembles the mushroom featured in the nintendo game mario brothers.  Research so far indicates it is likely a Russula or Amanita.
A side picture of the same mushroom that is embarrassingly blurry. I will do better next time. Research indicates it is likely a Russula or an Amanita
A picture of the fins of the same colorado mushroom I am trying to get identified. The fins are shown here to be attatched although the picture is blurry where they attach. Research indicates it is likely a Russula or an Amanita

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